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DeShonda S. Stringer

"Dr. DeShonda"

Dr. DeShonda S. Stringer obtained her dual undergraduate degrees from Morris Brown College in mathematics and Georgia Institute in industrial engineering in 1993. She also holds a Master's degree in Learning Disabilities, a Specialist Degree in Education Leadership, and an Ed. D. in Educational Leadership. Dr. Stringer has been a classroom teacher, a Lead Teacher for Special Education, a School Reform Specialist, a Middle School Mathematics Coordinator, the Director of Georgia Learning Resources System center, and has worked for Metro RESA (Regional Educational State Agency) and the Georgia Department of Education for the past 14 years. Dr. Stringer's accomplishments have been attributed to her passion of wanting all students to be successful. Her motto is, "We can maximize the resources for our students now or take care of them later (at a much higher cost)." Dr. Stringer truly believes that all students deserve a chance to be successful and it is the educator's job to find out what works best for these students and provide them with the strategies and/or accomodations that best meet their needs.

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